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Helping you engage your audience and inspire them to take action.

Digital Video Production

Digital Video Production

We produce compelling stories in a cinematic format using the latest HD video and audio capture technologies. Our high-impact video presentations present your message in a highly polished, professional manner designed to illicit the action from your viewer.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects

Engage your audience with blockbuster quality visual effects and titles the convey your message and engage the viewer. Our motion graphic services can range from video title sequences to complex info-graphic videos and trade show action-slides.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

We provide consulting and managed services for targeted online media and social marketing strategies that ensure all digital media resources are put towards efforts that offer a measurable return on investment.



We work carefully to craft a photographic look that maximizes the emotional connection to the message being conveyed. Each shoot is clearly scoped, scheduled and budgeted to ensure the final images meet the required message across all forms of media. View on Flickr

WordPress Development

WordPress Development

Expertise with the WordPress Content Management (CMS) platform enables us to rapidly design and deploy highly customized websites that engage visitors, and represent your business in the highest professional manner.



We create content designed to engage on any device, anywhere. Our site development is fully responsive enabling your business to look great and function perfectly across all web, iOS and Android mobile phones and tablet devices.

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I specialize in digital media story telling, audience acquisition, marketing and presentation.

Welcome to Brackett Digital Media

Uniquely positioned in the field of digital media production, John Brackett merges over 10-years as a professional broadcast videographer with over 13 years in the field of online digital media design and marketing. Having created two successful online businesses, developed innovative mobile, social, and online video technology platform products for two of the largest online advertising companies as well as the online video platform for the new version of Myspace.

"What seems like a divergent career path pursuing my love of visual story telling, great design, and passion for developing digital media technologies has positioned me with a focused skill set perfectly suited to executing digital media strategies that deliver consistent results of enhanced consumer engagement for my clients."


Video Production Package

Professional HD gear and Studio Facilities

On Location

Our production package is design for small to medium remote shooting locations. Our HDSLR camera package enables us to capture your business in cinematic HD. This quality of image ensures your business is showcased in the highest possible quality that will blow your viewers away.

Our professional grade audio equipment will capture the clearest sound, adding a texture of quality into your video that tends to lake in most small to medium sized productions.


  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Canon 7D
  • Assortment of Canon "L" series lenses.
  • Slider, Steadicam, fluid head tripod.
  • Zoom H4N digital audio recorder.
  • Shure lavalier microphones.
  • Shure Wireless Lavalier transmitter and receiver (2).
  • Assorted audio and video accessories.
  • Arri EFP kit with 5 light configuration.
  • Assorted grip equipment and extras.

In Studio

Besides our capacity to provide the needed technical resources for location shoots, we offer full soundstage facilities through our partner Studio-637, located in Hermosa Beach, CA. With over 1000 Sq ft. of production space, 24 we can accommodate all sizes and types of video and music productions.


  • 24 Track Audio Recording
  • Soundproof vocal booth
  • LED lighting, grip and video playback equipment
  • Configurable set walls
  • Green Screen
  • Full video and visual effects mixing studio.
  • Outdoor meeting/relaxation area.
  • Live Stream video services


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